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Thursday, January 14, 2016

My Dog Inspires Me

I like to draw spiritual meaning from odd situations and experiences. This one comes from my dog Woody when he stands on the electric window control.

Woody is a corgi/spaniel. He has the build and color of a corgi, but stands a bit taller and sheds horribly!! Woody loves going for drives, even if he isn't able to get out of the car. And when he has his way he usually sits in the front so he knows where we are and where we are going. He does that by sniffing the air vent.

He has a super bionic nose! He can smell beef jerky in a plastic baggie in the glove compartment. And he always knows when we have turned onto the road that leads to our house by the smell. His smelling senses seem to perk up when we turn corners because that is when he stands on the armrest with his front  paws and puts his nose to the top of the window. If we aren't going too fast I usually put the window down for him because there is no reason for me not to and he only sniffs for a few seconds then he is done. Of course I could do that many times during a drive because he constantly stands on the armrest if we are in town.

In the beginning, I would put the window down for him because I wanted to please him. Whatever the smells were I wanted him to have full access to it. In time he would make the window go down by standing on the control and not realize it. Sometimes the window would go all the way down and sometimes just a portion of the way. If it only went a portion of the way I would put it the rest of the way down.

So here is where the spiritual part comes in. When we accept Christ into our lives and begin to live his gospel, He is there to help us along the path more than we realize because He loves us and wants us to succeed and he happy. We begin to sense the promptings and feeling of the Holy Spirit better that tells us we are on familiar and righteous roads. Then as we learn to live the commandments and become more obedient, we find that we can do more on our own and don't need as much help but know that Christ is there to help when we need Him.

As a convert to The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, I have experienced this first hand. I knew nothing about Heavenly Father, or Jesus Christ, or the Holy Ghost. I needed a lot of help down the path because I was one lost soul! It was far from easy, but I realized that it had to be to remove the worldliness out of me and help be become the person I am today. I like who I am today! I have come to know that I am loved more than any human can ever love me. And that I am never alone and can ask for help whenever I need it, which is a lot!

No where in the scriptures does it say not to ask. It says to "ask, seek, knock". If you take the first letter of each of those words it spells "ASK"!

God Bless you!

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