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Friday, March 1, 2013

A Late Bloomer

So, here I am, preparing to become a Father for my first time, at the age of 47! I know most of you that I know are becoming Grandparents and that blows me away to think we are of that age. I still feel way too young to even think of being a Grandparent. I am sure after my daughter (and hopefully other children to come) comes into my life and begin to grow I will me more prepared for that title. But for now I look forward to becoming  and to be called "Daddy". I get excited thinking about that!

As I have looked back on my life I see that I have been a late bloomer in a lot of areas of my life:

-I was baptized when I was 21.
-Went on a mission when I was a month away from my 24th birthday.
-Went back to school, because I dropped out in 10th grade, and received a High School diploma, not a GED, at the age of 26.
-Started college when it was called UVCC, then UVSC and is now UVU. It took my 12 years to get an Associates of Science degree. I was 38.
-Joined the Utah Army National Guard when I was a month away from my 40th birthday. What the heck was I thinking!!! I'm still in much better shape then most of those young computer, video playing, couch potato kids are.
-Get married when I was 41.
-I am headed back to college to be what I have always wanted to be but wasn't ready to be it, a Family and Child Therapist. I will receive my BA when I am 49 and a Masters when I am 51.
-And now at 47 I am going to be a Daddy.

Can I be a late bloomer to anything else?

Despite the lateness of events happening in my life I know they all happened at the exact time that  I needed them to. I still feel like a teenager, mostly because I don't know what an adult man feels like and is suppose to be like. There aren't many men that I want to be like. The only Man I am working on becoming like is Jesus, and that won't happen in this life but I keep working at it.

My moto is : "I am to young to be old". As long as I keep living the way I have that has kept me healthy this long, I will be able to keep up with my kids and enjoy their lives with them as an active parent that will provide opportunities for them that I have been blessed with.