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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Saved By A Mustache

One winters evening while living in Provo, Utah, I went out for a walk just to get out of my apartment and away from my three roommates. While I was out, I found myself defending an apartment of young females from young males throwing snowballs from across the street at the side of the young ladies apartment. During the snowball fight I was hit in the face, which put a quick end to the fight for me. I decided to continue my walk away from the snowball fight to recover from the shock of getting hit.

I lived and worked in the Colony Apartments for 18 months. It is located on 750 East between 300 and 500 North. My apartment was the last one to the South on the West side. I headed north on 750 East then turned left on 500 East, then left again on 700 North. I didn’t plan on staying out long so I made another left on 300 North. It was only a blocks walk altogether.

                                                            This is where I lived.

As I turned the corner I saw a Provo Police car parked in front of a house on the south side of 300 North, I was on the north side. As I walked closer, one of the Officers stopped me and asked me where I was coming from. I told him I was just out for a walk and that I lived a half block away, and pointed in the direction. He let me go and I didn’t think any more of it.

Instead of going right back to my apartment, I decided to walk past it and go up the block a bit further then turn around and go home. As I walked about half way up 750 East, I heard someone behind me. I turned to see the Police Officer that I had spoken with. He asked me to stop so I did. Then he asked me to step in the snow that was just off the sidewalk. I did. He then told me that my boot print was the same boot print that was outside a woman’s window that had called to report a Peeping-Tom. I had bought my boots from Walmart because I saw so many others wearing them and was told that they were cheap and warm.   

                                                                   This is the boot.

As the Officer and I spoke, his partner pulled up in their police car coming from the other direction. I was asked if it were me that had peeping in this woman’s window. I said no. I was then told that if it were me and I confessed I would be able to go home and sleep in my bed, if not I would be sleeping in a jail cell. I once again reassured the Officer that it wasn’t me. I guess I wasn’t convincing enough because I was asked to get in the back seat of their car. We then drove to the home of the woman that called the police.

The Officer that stopped me went into the woman’s home to tell her they had someone that met her description. While he was inside, the other Officer that stayed in the car continued to encourage me to confess so I could go home and sleep in my bed.

                             Not my actual bed at the time, but it looks very comfortable.

First of all, I am not dumb enough to fall for a tactic like that. I knew they were lying, and to confess would only be detrimental for me. Yes, I liked my warm bed, and I wanted to sleep in it that night, but not bad enough that I would confess to something that I didn’t do.

Also, as I sat in the car, I knew that Father knew I was innocent. I told him if he wanted me to go to jail I would. If there were something for me to learn by going to jail I would go. I was never worried or scared because I knew I wasn’t alone and that I was innocent.

After a few minutes the Officer that went inside came back out and opened the door and asked me to get out. He once again asked me if I did it. I said no. He then said he described me to the lady and I fit the description. He again said that if I confess I could go home. I said I didn’t do it. So he asked me to turn around with my hands behind my back. He put the cuffs on me and put me back on the car.

He went inside and had the lady turn her living room lights off. He then came out and pulled me out of the car. Both he and his partner turned their flashlight on and shined them in my face.
I could see the curtains part just a bit from inside. Obviously the lady was taking a peak to see me. After a few seconds I was put back in the car and the one Officer went back inside. A few minutes later he came out and opened the door for me to get out. As he unlocked the cuffs, he told me that the male suspect that had looked through her window had a mustache and that I was free to go.

I wish I had something witty to say to them about their way of manipulation and dishonesty, but my brain didn’t work that fast. There are many things I would like to say now.

I am grateful that I was never really into mustaches. And I am grateful that I don’t have enough facial hair to really grow a decent mustache. I do pretty good with a goatee though.

                                         Lynsie and I at a Heart/Cheap Trick/Journey concert

The lesson I learned from this, is when the Judgment does comes and we stand before Father and Jesus, we will know of our guilt without them having to say anything.

I hope when my time comes to stand before Father and Jesus I can feel just as innocent and at peace as I did then.