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Sunday, January 29, 2012

To Raise or Not to Raise

Have you ever been in church and the person leading the class or meeting asks "Will someone be willing to give the opening or closing pray?" What happens then? There is usually a lull with the hope that someone else will eventually give in raise their hand and say it so we aren't asked to.

As I read the Sunday School lesson for today, I thought about the Man that raised His hands for us. A plan was presented that we all agreed on and shouted for joy over because it would give us the chance to become like our Heavenly Father and to return to His presence. We were all there and maybe many of us could have raised our hands when the question was asked "Whom shall I send?" Did we all sit around with our heads down and hope that someone else would raise their hand?

Have you ever had the feeling when you were at church that you were going to be asked so say a prayer? It's just something you knew so when you were asked it wasn't a suprise. I've had that feeling many times. I am grateful to be asked to talk to Father in behalf of those present. I am grateful that Father knew I had something to say, even in a prayer, that others and myself needed to hear.

I think that is what it was like when "the question" was asked. I think Jesus knew that he would be choosen even though there was another that wanted to be asked. Jesus knew what accepting the call would mean, pain, sorrow, and even death. Those things he knew were only temporary. What mattered most was that we would have our agency to choose good or evil, happiness or sorrow, light or darkness, vurtue or vise. He accepted the call because He loves us. It was all about LOVE.

So the next time the question is asked, whatever the question may be, be the one to raise your hand and say “Here am I...".

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  1. I like the idea you shared about Christ raising his hand for us. I'm trying to do better, man.