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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pays to Shave

One evening in the Winter of 1993 while living in Provo, Utah, I was out with some friends having a snowball fight when a couple of guys across the street invited themselves into our fun. One of them got a bit too serious and eventually hit me in the face which really hurt and shocked me. I got a bit upset so I left the gathering and went for a walk around the block to release the hurt and anger. When I turned a corner I noticed a Police car in the driveway of a house. As I walked past an Police Officer stopped me and asked where I was coming from. I told him I was just out for a walk and was heading back home which was close by. He let me go. Instead of going into my apartment I decided to walk a bit further up the road then turn around and go home.

While still caught up in my thoughts I heard some foot steps behind me. I turned and noticed it was the Police Officer I had talked to earlier. I stopped and talked with him and he asked me to step into the snow with my boot so he could see the impression. I did. He said that it was the same impression that was outside a lady's bedroom window were someone was peeking in on her. I told him it wasn't me but that didn't matter as far as he was concerned I was the guy he was looking for. I was escorted to the back seat of his of his car and driven back to the house where we first met.

When we arrived one Officer went inside and described me to the lady because when he came back out he told me that the lady said I fit the description of the man that was peeking into her window. He told me that if I confessed that I did it he would let me go and I would be able to sleep in my bed that night and not at the Police Station. I told him I had nothing to confess and that it wasn't me. At that point I was asked to get out of the car and turn around so they could put handcuffs on me which they did. I was placed back in the car with the other Officer while the first Officer went inside and talked with the lady again. While I was sitting in the car the officer kept telling me that I should just confess because it would be better for me if I did. I ignored him because my thoughts were elsewhere. My mind was drawn to Heavenly Father. I knew He knew I was innocent and for whatever reason He wanted me to have this experience. I told Him that if I was to go to jail I would if it served His purpose.

A few minutes later the Officer that was inside came back out and took me out of the car and shined his flash light on my face. All the lights were turned off in the house and I noticed a curtain open slightly. After a few seconds I was put back in the car. A few minutes later the Officer came back out and opened the door to the car and took me out. He said I was free to go as he removed the handcuffs. He said the man that had peeked into the lady's window had a mustache.

I pondered the meaning of this experience because I don't believe things like this happen for no reason. Besides the fact that I was glad I had gotten into the routine of shaving, the meaning that stood out the most for me was, when the time comes that we will be judged by a loving Heavenly Father we will know in our hearts if we are guilty or innocent without Father having to say anything to us.
"But this cannot be; we must come forth and stand before him in his glory, and in his power, and in his might, majesty, and dominion, and acknowledge to our everlasting shame that all his judgments are just; that he is just in all his works, and that he is merciful unto the children of men, and that he has all power to save every man that believeth on his name and bringeth forth fruit meet for repentance."
Alma 12:15, Book of Mormon

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  1. Alan, God works in truly awesome ways. I keep trying to cling to the Faith and Believe He is there for me as I am here to do His bidding.